Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A million thanks for these encouraging feedbacks!!

Hi there!

A few days ago, I was just reading back some of the wonderful comments that I have received ever since my book was published. It really felt so good to know that my book is being put to good use out there, one way or the other and it is continuing to do so.

As a result, I felt that it would only be right for me to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my readers who have bought my book, read it and wrote back to me with their positive and encouraging feedback. It is people like you that keeps me going and knowing that I am on the right path.

Thanks to my friend's encouragement, it gives me great pleasure to share with you some of the wonderful comments I have received so far :) .....

Dear Sandra,
Hope this mail finds you well. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your excellent book, ‘Pedalling Around the Peninsula’. It is such an entertaining book with lots of adventures and fun in it. After reading your book, I felt I had to write to you to let you know how your book had entertained and inspired me.  

I spotted your book when I was on holiday in Penang last year. I brought it back to Europe and read it with much enthusiasm and interest. I wanted to read about the adventures and about places I had and had not visited in Malaysia (and your book delivered them all and more!). I was looking forward to reading the book every evening after work – to continue the journey around Malaysia. As someone who has lived abroad for many years, I found the book to have made me better informed about my own country.

I loved the way the book was written – containing descriptions of lots of little incidents, and with lots of photos (especially those of yummy Malaysian food!). It made me feel like I was part of the journey round Peninsula Malaysia (with side trips to our neighbouring countries). I didn’t want the book to end as I wanted the adventures to continue. I was looking forward to visiting the next town with you and Mak each day!

Thanks for sharing these experiences with us - the people who dream about and are not able to go on this journey (yet).

In the meantime, keep posting the news on your blog and keep up the good work!

CH, Europe

Hi Sandra, my name is Benji, and while here in Malaysia (KL) I bought your book and read some of your blog. Your trip around the peninsula is amazing, and reading your book has been a joy so far.

Thank you for writing about your adventures! It's very inspiring!
Benji, USA

Hi Sandra,
My name is Wee, I come across your book “Pedaling Around the Peninsula”, it is truly inspiring and fascinating, as I did it before across the northern peninsula when I was 17 years old.  Your book re-inspired me to re-gain my long distance cycling spirit after so long been hibernated.  I still have the reminiscence of the toughness of crossing the East-West highway, and it was the most challenging part of the journey, and I have to sleep under the army camp on top of the mountain, as I under estimate the challenge.

Again, thank you for writing this book, keep going with your good achievement, and looking forward to read your upcoming second book!

Hi'  Sandra.
Just writing you to congratulate you with the book you wrote about your bicycle tour of Malaysia. I came across it in a KL bookstore the week before i started on a bicycle trip of Malaysia and the book has been very helpful and inspiring for me.

Lot's of good practical info in the book that has helped me a lot when it came to finding accomodation for instance.

I put up a little review of the book at a travel site where i do some blogging about my travels around the world: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/222ac6/

I have biked around 40 countries worldwide so far and is always looking for new horizons.

All the best from the road.
Claus, Denmark

Hi Sandra!
I just finished your book last weekend after came across in The Sun May 9 2012. A real GREAT book for me. I just don’t know why I was so eager to look for this book as I have not been reading “story” book for the past 20 to 30 years! Normally I will read those “relevant” to my work or interest i.e. more serious stuff!

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your effort, determination and of course, your courage! You have a good idea to write it down and publish in a book. Honestly, I don’t think of having the courage to do myself.

Lastly, I just want to say TQ, Thank you and Thank You Very Much for writing the book and sharing with us. It allows me to at least to feel or imagine of the journey! I really appreciate it!
Ho, Selangor

Hi Sandra,
Just finished read your book about the journey around peninsular M'sia! Never regret buying the book!

Lets get to the comment: Wow! I know the journey have ended months ago but i still want to congratulate you  for the great journey and im amazed with your (and Mak's) spirit!

Once again, congratulation for the success and thank you for the tips in the book!! 
Yves Lemat, Miri, Sarawak. 

Hi Sandra,
I happened to be in MPH and came across your book on 4th May. Started reading it on 6th May and I couldn't put it down till I finished just now at lunch. I felt like what you did after your journey, opps! no more 'updates' to look forward to. Once, in my early 20s I wanted to backpack around Malaysia in between jobs as I always felt there are places I must explore within my own country before looking outwards. But my boss refused to let me leave early and I lost the chance with the arrival of kids.

Now, reading the book made me feel like doing it but at my age now, by car would be fine, don't think I can survive what both you and Mak did. Am quite wimpy! I told my husband we can use your book to have an idea where we want to go! Nicely written, good job. Regards to Mak as well for making the adventure very interesting. 
Lily, Malaysia

Hi Sandra
I've bought your book from MPH yesterday, it seems really fun and interesting.
I love cycling and dreamed to do bicycle touring for a long time but most of my friends think that is impossible and crazy. Anyway, your book really gave me much of encouragement. I'm so enjoyed while reading it.
Many thanks and all the best to you.
Rachel, Malaysia

Hi Sandra,
I just finished reading your 'pedalling around the peninsula'. Congrats! You are so inspiring! Wish I could also pedal like what you and Mak did.
Nasim, KL

Hi Sandra,
I enjoyed reading your book,is so fresh to see a Malaysian doing this. Can't wait to see your next challenge touring in Sabah and Sarawak, hopefully I will be back in Tawau and try to bump into you on the road :)
All the best!
Sipek Quek, Malaysia

"Marvelous book. Affordable in price but rich in contents. Give us thousand words about Malaysia and really, we proud to be Malaysian! Kudos to author & MPH Publishing"
Mohd Shahadan Bin Mokhtar, Malaysia

Love your book very much. Hope one day can travel whole Malaysia like you and Mak.
Steven, Malaysia

"Suddenly I realised it is my dream since I was young to cycle round this country. Almost forgotten after busy with work, family & life. Thanks to Sandra Loh for her book cycling around the peninsula. It really woke me up. I have a dream to achieve"
Tan Lang Seng, Malacca (....and he sure did achieve his dream end 2012!)

Monday, April 14, 2014

2 years today and growing stronger!!!

Hi there!

We have just turned 2 years old today and we are slowly growing stronger!!

Lots of exciting plans ahead for us and we look forward to sharing more interesting stories in the near future!

Do drop by once in awhile for our updates then!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Great start for 2014!

Hi all,

Hope you guys are having a great 2014 so far!

Well, for me, it's been pretty good! We got a surprise request to be interviewed by a radio station in KL recently along with 2 other cycling enthusiasts in conjunction with their topic of the week....cycling in the big city!

Pretty interesting listening to the other 2 cyclists as well!

Here's the podcast :

Then 2 days ago,  I had the pleasure of playing "tour guide" to a touring couple from the "Land of Giants" hehe.....Mattijs and May from the Netherlands! Great to show them some parts of Kuantan that were interesting and they loved trying out all the different types of food here! Good on them :)

Why "Land of Giants"? you might ask....well, Mattijs is about 6 feet 5 inches! (1.9m). He said that he was only average! Most of his friends are like 7 feet tall!! (2.1m) Wow!!

Needless to say, I was like a dwarf standing next to him! .I'm only 5 feet nothing! (1.52m). Have nicknamed him "Giant Mattijs!" hehe... 
Well, May is equally incredible too! Such a warm and friendly person and not forgetting STRONG!! :) They practically zigzagged across Malaysia and crossing the mountain ranges! So you can imagine how strong they really are :)

They are now at the tail end of their 5 month tour around South East Asia and Malaysia is their last country to visit before heading back to the Netherlands. Actually, Mattijs have cycled most of the countries in the world in 2008! He was on the road for about a year....so he's one experienced world tourer!

You can follow their adventure via www.wezijneenblokjeom.nl

It was a great opportunity to share different experiences and exchange stories with each other! Wishing them happy pedalling and memorable adventures to take home with them!

Awesome couple! "Giant" Mattijs and lovely May!

Santos touring bikes.....

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A nice ending to a good year!! :)

Hi there!

WOW! Is it the end of 2013 already?? I really felt like this year went past pretty quickly!! It must be because I'm slowly gaining momentum towards my goals!! Yay!!

As I reflect back on the things that I have learnt in 2013, it has been tremendous! Ok, there were some of the not-so-good experiences which taught me to be much wiser in the future haha....

Some of my highlights of 2013 were :
  • I learnt a lot about making video presentations with still photos! Gosh, the number of hours/days spent on editing my videos must equal at least 3 month's work!
  • I'm getting better at public speaking! (Don't need to read from a piece of paper anymore...haha) As proof, during my last book talk for this year in Penang, the emcee commented how much I have improved since the 'big fumble" back in 2012 at KL Convention Centre. I had to remind him that it was only a year ago when I was a "greenhorn" and he was surprised because he felt like it was ages ago!! hehe....even though I'm happy with my progress, I know I have lots more to improve on and it will come with practise, practise, practise!
  • Did book talks at two international schools and enthralling the students with my stories! (or at least, I'd like to think so!) It was so refreshing to see these kids aged between 10 -14 years having so many questions to ask me! Really loved their enthusiasm and zest for life! Such a joy to be with them! Hopefully, I will get to do more book talks at other international schools in 2014!
  • I actually won my first road bike....a Polygon road bike!! (but I decided to present it to my brother as the bike wasn't my size on the condition that he cannot sell it off!) and also a Thule All Round Trip Bike Case (which I'm keeping at the moment!)....pretty cool prizes for a day playing in the sun and rain!
  • Met other foreign and local tourers who stayed at my landlord's homestay while in Kuantan and exchanged stories. After discussing with them, I realise I know what kind of tourer I want to be! Yup, there are many people with different touring styles :)

but the most memorable time for me would be the time I met Mr. Victor Chee in Singapore after almost 5 years and being able to give him a copy of my book to say thank you for all his kindness he had shown back in 2009 :) It was a great experience and I will definitely mention him in my next book!

And I had a nice surprise ending for this year! I did a phone interview yesterday with Capital FM, a radio station in Kuala Lumpur and they decided to air the interview on the last day of 2013 for an hour! Yay!!

But of course, there would be a glitch somewhere.....(not about the interview but with me!)

When I was getting ready to listen online this morning, (since the station is only for the folks in the Klang Valley), my newer laptop suddenly decided to create some problems just before 8am and it wouldn't allow me to listen!! Arrghh!!

The more I tried to solve the problem, the worst it got! After fiddling with it for almost half an hour, I decided to try with my older laptop and guess what? It worked perfectly! So in the end, I kind of caught the end bits of my interview...sigh! 

Yup, the story of my life so far ::) 

So until then.....here's to saying a BIG THANK YOU to 2013 for all your lessons, amazing opportunities and guidance and I'm looking forward to a GREAT ADVENTURE in 2014!!

Happy new year everyone!! May 2014 be filled with loads of laughter, happiness, abundance, good health, great friendships, thankfulness, peace and love for all of us!! :)


Sunday, December 1, 2013

My next book talk.....Penang Island! :)

Many thanks to 邱繼學 (Kaye) for coming up with the nice poster above for me! :)

Hi all,

I had a great time in Singapore recently! My heartfelt thanks to all who took their time off to come and listen to my stories :)  

And guess who came for my book talk....none other than Mr. Victor Chee, one of the kindest and most generous Singaporean I have ever known! 

In order to locate him, I had to ask a good friend, Matt Chia in Singapore to help me find his whereabouts so that I could send him an invitation to come for my book talk. 

Luckily, it was pretty easy to find him under the list of Esso stations in Singapore!. Matt made a call at the outlet near Woodlands (which was where Mak and I first met Mr. Victor) and found out that he has moved to another Esso petrol station in the north east side of Singapore.

Matt managed to speak to Mr. Victor himself and told him about my intentions.  I wrote to him (after he gave Matt his email address)  and he replied! He said that he still remembers me after almost 5 years ago!! He said he will try to make it but didn't confirm so I really wasn't sure that he would actually come.

So when Mr. Victor quietly came up to me after my talk, it was such a nice surprise!! Finally, I get to thank him personally for all his kindness and generosity shown to Mak and I in 2009! I gave him a signed copy of my book as a token of my appreciation and hopefully, he will enjoy reading my stories :)

Ladies and gentlemen, the ever cheerful Mr. Victor Chee!! 

Me, signing his copy :)

So for my next book talk, it will be in Penang! Details are as follow :

Date : Sunday, 8th Dec, 2013
Venue : Popular Bookfest 2013, Straits Quay Convention Centre, Penang
Time : 6pm.

Look forward to sharing my stories to all you folks up north!

See you all then!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Coming soon....my first "overseas" book talk - Singapore!!!

Hi all,

I have some exciting news to share!!

I will be giving my first book talk in Singapore this coming November! After much "hassling" (for the past one year!), the kind people at MPH Singapore has finally agreed to arrange a book talk session for me. Yay!!

So for those who are in Singapore during my talk there, you are more than welcome to drop by MPH Parkway Parade on Saturday, November 30th 2013 from 2pm - 3pm.

Hope to see you there!!

Cheerios :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

POPULAR - The Star Readers' Choice Awards 2013 :)

Hi all,

A few months ago, I found out that my book was nominated for the Popular - The Star Readers' Choice Awards 2013 and I was pretty surprised! 

So today, the results have just been announced in a simple awards ceremony down in Kuala Lumpur. Congrats to the top 3 winners for this year's awards, namely Dr. Hjh Siti Hawa Mohd, Marina Mahathir and Lee Chong Wei  in the non fiction category :)

Wow, it was indeed an interesting event for me to attend and having the chance to mingle with some of the well known local authors and hear their stories like Dr. Siti (top winner in the non fiction category), Dina Zaman (top winner in the fiction category) and E.S. Shankar (3rd prize winner in the fiction category)

Although my book didn't get an award this round, just being nominated in the same category with some of these household names is rewarding enough for me.

Besides, there's always a next time!! :)

Congrats again to all the winners!